Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Updates for Imagine/Gypsy Coming

These updates will be available on October 18th.
Gypsy/Imagine Update (PHASE 1 COMING OCTOBER 18)
1. Edge to Edge printing (Imagine only update)
- Full bleed (may leave a small boarder on your paper depending on how well it is aligned)
- Overspray: this will print just beyond the edge of the paper leaving a bit of ink on your mat which can easily be rinsed out with warm water – this assures a full bleed.

PHASE 1 Gypsy/Imagine Compatibility
1. Allows you to cut your classic Cricut Cartridges with Cricut Imagine using Gypsy (no printing using Gypsy, yet)
2. Cricut Imagine and Gypsy bug fixes: this will be standard with most upgrades to ensure you have the best experience with your machines.
3. No special Gypsy design features with Imagine content (like welding, stretching, etc.), just yet.

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