Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Farkled????

Well ladies this question might take the cake!  I'm laughing now just thinking about how easily the question wound up in conversations had on our December 4-6 Retreat.  As you can see our Birthday Retreat was alot of FUN even with the Farkling.  We decorated party hats, had CAKE & ICE CREAM, watched what else but TWILIGHT (yes again!) scrapbooked, shared gifts and snacked on NEW MOON candy.  We ate, we played, we slept (well not much) and can't wait to come back again.  This clever group even helped me realize we have a four day weekend coming up that would be perfect for our next Scrapbooking Getaway.  Thank you for the wonderful Birthday Gifts-you ladies were so THOUGHTFUL and FUN.  As you can see there were 5 of us with December Birthdays and we enjoyed sharing the Party together.  Everyone got to take home a shirtless Edward (even Grandma thought he was cute). and although lots of our homes received a few inches of SNOW we had no trouble getting in & out of Eureka.  I have always liked having a December Birthday and you ladies: Colleen, Catherine, Sara, Joyce, LeAnn, Ruth, Jennifer, Wendy, Grandma & Deanne made it extra special this year.   Thanks again......

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